Books in a real life context

Quince Books is about books, ebooks and ebook reading devices. It’s about reading,writing and publishing books. It’s about both buying and selling books. It’s about everything to do with books. In particular, we are in the process of developing our own ebook series and would like to hear from new authors interested in publishing themselves in electronic form. In the next paragraph we are trying to share the “philosophy” behind what we are trying to do with our Quince Books enterprise.

Quincebooks means books in a real life context. Everything that happens in the real world on a daily basis is knowledge related and, therefore, book related. There is a connection between daily events – what we call the daily news – and the knowledge which is deposited in books. In fact, books cannot be successful unless they appeal to people’s current interests and people’s current interests are reflected and shaped at the same time by the mass media (in effect by daily news). The world of imagination (fiction) and the real world (news) are hardly mutually exclusive. There is hardly a clear line between “events” that occur objectively and “events” that are in fact created by the media. Even when they are “reflected”, they are in fact created. A “reflection” is in fact a perceived or imagined image/impression of the real object/event.